Home Warming Fairy..

  Hey Sloabie Nation! Welcome back to my blog, and welcome to my first ever “Housewarming Fairy Party!” When I first bought the home in 2012, one of my biggest goals was to host a party under twinkling lights on my rooftop. I barely got to live in the house before I moved overseas, and […]

Pills, Pills, and ..

Hey Sloabies!!! So just a quick update about my anxiety/depression.  I want to openly talk about it and talk about my progress because maybe it would remove the stigma of anxiety/depression and also possibly help someone else.  First off, you hear about it all the time–but we don’t really know how much work goes into […]

Living Room Potent..

Hey Sloabies!!! Happy MLK day!!! I am still in NYC and currently it’s cold AF outside.  The last time I’d ever seen snow was when I lived in Nebraska and that was a good 7 years ago. Boy, did time just fly by. Even so-I consider myself more of a Texan than a Nebraskan.  Not […]

Roomba Time!

Hey Sloabies! Let me tell y’all a story.  I have been moving every single year since I was 17.  From home to college dorm, from dorm to R.A dorm, from R.A Dorm to an apartment to another apartment to another apartment and more apartments, then a house, overseas, then back and parents home and seriously–it’s […]

2016 New Houston A..

Hey Sloabies! Welcome back to my blog! Welcome to 2016! I can’t believe the last time I blogged was back in April of 2015. That was seriously three apartments, and a huge change of scenery ago.  I am now on my 6th living space, can you imagine living in  6 different spaces in the course […]

MAC Fluid Fix Revi..

Hey Sloabies! I feel like it’s been awhile since I’ve written a blog!  I’ve been so obsessed with taking nice photos and stuff for the blog that sometimes it feels like too much work so I just don’t do it (lol shame on me).  Well, today I am back with a  quick review because I […]

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